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infrared41's Best and Worst NFL Week Two - 2022

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Running a day late this week because (cheap plug alert) we recorded a new episode of Basically a Sports Show* last night.


*Available right here in the Lounge, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and wherever fine podcasting is sold. Follow us on Twitter @BasicallySports


The setup.


  • There are no hard, fast rules. There is no formula. The lists are based solely on which games I think looked the best and which games I think looked the worst each week. A team that made the worst list one week could end up on the best list the following week and vice versa. (Looking at you Seattle and Buffalo)
  • In my humble opinion,  "a good color match up" does not necessarily  make for a good uniform match up. That said, there will be weeks when I'll put a game on the best list because I liked the color match up.
  • I don't care about socks. (except when I do)  Do I wish teams would always go with the best sock for the uniform? Of course, but socks are not something I get too worked up about. (except when I do)
  • As always, your opinion (including the idea that nice colors make for a good match up) may differ from mine and that's perfectly fine. All I ask is that we keep the conversation civil.  Let's get started.




1. Chargers - Chiefs: This one checks all the boxes. It has the great uniforms, the "popping colors", all of it. Every game should look this good.





2. Bears - Packers: It takes a helluva uniform match up to knock this one out of the top spot. Anyone who's been following these lists for a while knows that I'm always pimping for the Bears to bring back the white pants with the white jerseys. As much as I like white over navy, the Bears in all white would look even better against certain teams and the Packers are most definitely one of those teams. Another great looking game.




3. Panthers - Giants: Unpopular opinion alert: I think the Panthers all white set is their best look. Never change, Giants...well...maybe bring back the gray pants, but other than that.




4. Seahawks - 49ers: Full disclosure: I think the Seahawks have one of the worst uniforms in the league. That said, there are times when they pick the right ugly uniform to wear in the right setting.  The 49ers and a whole lot of sunshine provided that setting. This game looked pretty good, but I gotta be honest, there wasn't a lot of competition this week. Still, not bad....from the proper distance.




5. Patriots - Steelers: Pats decent road look riding the Steelers coattails to a spot on the best list in a down week. The Patriots are so close to having a really great look. The road set is better than the mono-blue home look, but it's still lacking something...or it has too much of something....I don't know. It's one of those I like it, but I don't like it looks. It's really close, though.







1. Titans - Bills: As long as they keep winning, the Bills are going to keep wearing that awful mono-blue thing. We'll be stuck with it and a team that should be on the best list every week will be down here hanging out with the clown suits of the league. Speaking of clown suits, if the Titans look has even one redeemable quality, I can't find it. Bonus points for wearing the white socks with that disaster, Tennessee. Did you think you weren't ugly enough already? But hey, their shoulders are swords. That's gotta count for something, right? No, it really doesn't.




2. Vikings: Every once in a while, something really stupid will put a game on the worst list that has no business being here. This is one of those times. Remember when I said I don't care about socks except when I do? Well, here we are. This game should have been on the best list, but the Vikings decided to ruin a perfectly good match up by wearing white socks with their all white uniforms and ruined this game in the process. As much as I wanted to get past the socks and focus on the uniforms, I just couldn't do it. It looked ridiculous. The Eagles looked fine.




That's it for this week. Thanks for taking a look. Tune in again next week to see if my position on socks has changed.

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35 minutes ago, infrared41 said:





That's it for this week. Thanks for taking a look. Tune in again next week to see if my position on socks has changed.

Agree with most of your stuff, especially the lack of Purple socks for the Vikes, the fugly all-blues for Buffalo,  the train wreck of the new Titans look,  and the Bears needing to go back to all-white. 


Bonus points for not putting the Saints all-black look in the "Best" category.  It's a hideous combo that I'm not happy has sort of "taken hold", and I am so over people (mostly younger) saying they like the all-black look because it's "bad-ass". 🙄


It is what it is.

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Yeah...I think even the Jupiterians knew that KC/LAC game would land at the top spot, as it should be. That is about as beautiful a color contrast as one can ask for...and I love that the Chargers are embracing the yellow pants more. (I personally think they should be the primary, but they can't go wrong with white or yellow with either jersey.)


As for CHI/GB...classic is what classic is, and that there was/is classic to the core. I personally prefer Chicago's navy pants with the white jerseys and socks (because contrast, man!), but then I also can't remember the last time they even wore white over white.


What more needs to be said about BUF/TEN? I'd prefer the Bills not do blue socks with blue pants ever again, but we know they'll do it again. White socks under those blue pants would look so much better (as long as they're the striped ones). I'm not even gonna comment on Tennessee's...no point.


I go back and forth on Seattle's sets...I never cared (and still don't care) for their overall uniform design, but those colors definitely play well under the right lighting, and that NorCal sun definitely brought that out. (The green accessories some of the players wore helped that out, too.)

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*Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on stuff...I just do a lot of reading and research and keep in close connect with a bunch of people who are authoritative experts on stuff. 😁

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On 9/21/2022 at 1:45 PM, infrared41 said:

Bills: As long as they keep winning, the Bills are going to keep wearing that awful mono-blue thing. We'll be stuck with it and a team that should be on the best list every week will be down here hanging out with the clown suits of the league.


And now that they went blue over white in week 3 and lost that probably dooms us to mono-blue for the rest of the season.

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Another great list. 


Chargers - Chiefs is pretty much perfect. I don’t think I could love the Chargers uniforms any more than I already do, the white over yellow look is absolutely phenomenal. Bears - Packers is always great, and then I think I’d vault Patriots - Steelers up to #3, as I like the Patriots set more than it seems you do. I do wish they’d add some silver pants, though.


I don’t think the all-white for the Vikings is as bad as when they wear the white socks with the purple jersey, but it’s still pretty rough. Purple pants would be so much better.


My personal list:



1. Chargers at Chiefs

2. Bears at Packers

3. Patriots at Steelers

4. Seahawks at 49ers 



1. Titans at Bills

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