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Charlotte nba names

Notch Novelty

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I'll be happy with any of the following...

Cougars, Royals, Pilots, Flyers, maybe even Stars since it's a BET-owned team. As long as it's not feeding on the childish "Charlotte's Web" thing (great book, but jeez that's stupid), and I sure hope it's a plural nickname.

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Some of you who were around in '87 will recall that the first Charlotte expansion team was called the Spirit for the first few months of its existence.  It was a number of months later that the team changed the name to Hornets.  Hopefully the new team won't latch on the the superpatriotic wartime fervor and go with Spirit again.  It's boring.  Then again, I REALLY hope they don't go with Web, either.  I'm all for Cougars.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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