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Various Utah NHL Concepts


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I've been hammering out some Utah NHL concepts after the recent news about the Yotes. Here's what ive made:

Utah Raptors
The name for this one comes from the Utahraptor (How original by the way), which was a dinosaur which had its fossils discovered in the state.


Utah Yetis

The name for this one simply comes from the mountains found in Utah. Striping and shoulder logo are inspired by the flag of Utah, colours are made to feel cold/icy.




Salt Lake Loons
This one is sort of jokey sort of not, named after a fantasy hockey team in my league of the same name that kind of turned into a meme. I still feel like the name could work for a team in Utah though. 


Utah Grizzlies
Most straightforward one yet - Bringing the ECHL branding to the big leagues.


And thats all! I would like to note the Loons and Grizzlies concepts are a little older which is why the templates are different. 
Might add some more to this, might not. We'll see! 
Feedback is much appreciated as always! Let me know what you think!

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Loons is probably my favorite one here as well. Love that center logo.

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StL Cardinals - Indy Colts - Indiana Pacers - Let's Go Blues! - Missouri State Bears - IU Hoosiers - St Louis City SC

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I am team Utah Raptors 100%. I enjoy how the logo design makes reference to the Coyotes logo (not the Kalincha one), and how the design of it makes emphasis on the large claw they had. I don't know if I agree to the color scheme on that specific design, perhaps something more desert looking? The skeletons were found in Moab, which is also where Arches National Park is located, so a desert theme wouldn't be odd, although I can understand the desire to refrain from "desert" following the move.


Call them Provo Loons, and we've got a deal tbh.

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I'm always up for a good dinosaur-theme concept and that Raptor one certainly applies! I had done one in the past for a football concept and am wishing I had thought of some of the things you did in yours. I also am really liking the Yetis and the Loons designs, they may fit better than Raptors for a chockey team specifically. That Loons logo is awesome and I love how you incorporated the mountain motif into the Yetis uniforms. The Grizzlies one is not bad in my view, but not on the same level as the other three.

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On 4/15/2024 at 10:14 AM, CRDesigns said:


Missed opportunity to put a U in the Raptor’s neck’s negative space


Im an isles,rangers,devils,Sabres,Yankees,Mets,Braves,hawks,knicks,nets,bills,giants,falcons,and jets fan. So?

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