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100th Post - "Blast From the Past"


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In celebration of my 100th post, I?m going to share a ?blast from the past? that might give you a chuckle, or at least some amusement. Some of you may remember a similar ?blast from the past? I posted a while back?the ?Florida Hot?.

Though today?s blast is from the same time period?my college days?it is a little different in content. Since my earliest interest in sports teams and logos, I always noticed a similarity between them and another interest of mine?comic books and super-heroes. I noticed that team colors were like costume colors, and that the heroes? names and team names were similarly inspired, if not in some cases the same (Wolverine... Wildcat? Angel?Hawkeye?Hawk?. Giant(man), etc.). As a youngster, I came up with a set of NFL-based super-heroes that were neat, if only in a 12-yr old mind sort of way: Falcon-man? The Ram? the White Colt?and of course, Big John Brown. But in my college years, during the heyday of the X-Men and back when Todd McFarlane was just getting started drawing Spider-Man and not making millions on sports figurines, I came up with a different sports-logo/superhero creation:

The College Champions.

Ten heroes, with costumes and names based on the mascots of the college they were attending. The ten were divided into a ?west team? and ?east team?. The basic backstory was that each was an athlete, who, for some reason or another, could no longer compete on the athletic field for their college. Some unseen benefactor allowed them a second chance at representing their schools as super-heroes in the College Champions.

For each hero, I developed a profile including background and description of powers (obviously, I goofed off a lot in college instead of studying/working?still do, as is evident by such posts as these). I figured that a 100th post would be a good occasion to bring these files out of retirement, so without further ado, here they are. ENJOY!

WEST TEAM: from University of Texas -- LONGHORN

This was the first one I did, and probably the most original one. Burnt orange should be used for more super-hero costumes.


WEST TEAM: from Arizona State University -- SUN DEVIL

Second on the list. I know the colors aren?t quite right, but if I remember at the time I didn?t have a maroon marker or pencil. Very ?Iron-Man? look to this guy?s costume.


more to follow...

It is what it is.

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Cool-looking costume, sort of a Flash-inspired speedster. Wacky mob-influenced Las Vegas backstory. His new wave hairstyle and earring also made him a ?rebel?.


WEST TEAM: from University of Hawaii ? RAINBOW WARRIOR

Probably one of the neatest set of powers?invisibility and mirage creation. I don?t think I did a good job on re-creating a Hawaiian-style helmet, though. Hey, I was like 19 years old.?


WEST TEAM: from San Diego State University -- AZTEC

Arguably one of the weakest of the creations?in fact, I learned later that there was already a super-hero called Aztec. Costume is kind of neat, but mental powers (?!)? I must?ve been mental at the time?


It is what it is.

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My LSU homeboy was very influenced by Wolverine, both in costume and powers (claws). Night-vision goggles were a cool addition. Boring/weak backstory.


EAST TEAM: from Ohio State University -- BUCKEYE

I always got a kick out of this creation. How do you make a super-hero out of an acorn? You make him small and strong, of course. Alter-ego also seemed like a fun type of guy.


EAST TEAM: from Auburn University -- WAR EAGLE

Alright, I now that technically it?s a battle cry and not a team name. But War Eagle is such a cool superhero name, I couldn?t resist. I always pictured this character saying something like ?Well, seeing as how the tiger designation is already taken, and ?Plainsman? just doesn?t seem to strike fear in the hearts of evil -doers??


It is what it is.

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EAST TEAM: from Rutgers University -- SCARLET KNIGHT

Pretty much an Iron Man clone in armor, his backstory is a little more interesting than he is as a superhero... ?preppy going against his father?s wishes? kind of thing.


EAST TEAM: from the University of Maryland ? TERRAPIN

I saved the best (funniest) for last. Like Buckeye, perhaps the most incongruous super-hero in terms of inspiration. Aquatic, and slow but strong?.Obviously the weak link in the chain of creativity.



One story idea I had involved the East Team getting together for spring break. Somehow, they meet up with the son of Dr. Curtis Connors from Spider-Man (AKA The Lizard) who as a student at U of FL has been working on improving his dad?s formula for cellular regeneration. One thing leads to another, and rather than turning into the Lizard, he becomes THE GATOR and wreaks havoc in Ft. Lauderdale, or Daytona, etc.

This of course was in the old days before kids went to Cancun and Acapulco for spring break?. (Damn, I?m getting old).


It is what it is.

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Thanks for the comments, EZ and Gothamite. Yeah, I kind of forgot about The Badger; he was from around the same time period... I guess because he was from one of the "underground" companies, and not Marvel or DC.....

It is what it is.

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How funny, I did the same thing when I was in college.

My team (The U-Squad, yes I like the X-men too):


Bayou Bengal--LSU--were-tiger

Tarheel--UNC--similar to green lantern energy but black

Hurricane--Miami--weather powers (a female character)

Spartan--MSU--basic Cap'n America meets gladiator type

there was at least one more, but I can't for the life of me remember who.

But, hey you could really build a team if Marvel & DC would allow it:

Wolverine (X-men)

Hawkeye (Avengers)

Razorback (Lame marvel 3rd tier character)

Wildcat (Justice Society)

Phoenix (X-men, uw-green bay-a stretch, I know)

there are surely more.

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