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NV NHL Daily Quiz - 6


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Daigneault and petit both played for 10 teams...

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




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Michel Petit with 10 different teams over a span of 16 season. As he played for Vancouver, New York (rangers), Philly, Edmonton, Quebec, Toronto, Calgary, LA, Tampa and Phoenix.

J.J. Daigenault played for 10 different teams, but he asked BEFORE '98 season. J.J. Daigenault tied the record, but he only played one game with the 10th team, so I don't think it counts :hockeysmiley:

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Why wouldn't it? If you make a game appearance in your team's uniform, even if it's for one shift, it goes in the stat book as a game played.


Sodboy13 said:
As you watch more basketball, you will learn to appreciate the difference between "defense" and "couldn't find the rim with a pair of bloodhounds and a Garmin."

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