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24 Days Of Concepts, Dec. 5


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Now, before anyone gets on my case about posting this separate of the other thread, I wanted this concept to stand on its own for critique, even though it's part of the larger "24 Days" parade of concepts. So there! :D

There was some talk over on the SSUR.org board about the upcoming Atlanta Braves alternate (a concept for that may or may not be coming from me; you'll have to wait and see!) when the talk turned toward a Phillies alt. Yes, I know there are no plans for one. But what if...


What I did here was evoke the Phils' uniform set of the 1970s using the modern color scheme, logos, and name/number style (thanks to eriqjaffe for the font, BTW). The Liberty Bell logo on the right sleeve (your left) is, I guess, a seldom-used alternate logo. I decided to give it the attention it deserved.

With this comes a new cap, which is really only the current alternate cap with the star deleted and a royal-blue outline around the "P", which you really can't tell at this resolution. But trust me, it's there. ^_^

OK, gang, your turn. What do y'all think?

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I don't think that their current "P" works as a chest logo. Maybe because it isn't as "contained" or "compact" as the old "P" (because of that tail on the top left.) On the chest, you have limited room with which to work, so you get the most out of it if your logo doesn't waste space with "tails" or other frilly things (sorry, I'm not sure what the word is for what I'm describing.) Good chest logos (IMO) are the Yankees, old Phillies, and Diamond Backs "A" logo.

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Ditch the number on the sleeve, move the Liberty Bell to the left sleeve, and make the bell and P on the chest bigger. I'm also not sure about the blue on the jersey. Try thin white piping instead and let's see how that looks...

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