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  1. That's correct. Six games in 2016 and a few in 2017, then powder blues in 2018. The Phils have worn red alternates on the road before ... way back in 1992 in San Diego
  2. Getting back on topic, the Phillies will be wearing a commemorative patch for Dick Allen this season
  3. The Vermont Lake Monsters were sold and will become the 8th team in the FCBL (Futures Collegiate Baseball League) Five teams left in limbo: Florida Fire Frogs Jackson Generals Lancaster JetHawks Lowell Spinners Norwich Sea Unicorns
  4. ^^^^ rumored to be West Virginia. I'm assuming those two will join Gastonia and High Point in one division while Long Island moves to the other with the PA and Maryland teams
  5. Minor league schedules were released today. Pretty much everything is six-game series running Tuesday through Sunday, with everyone having Mondays off for travel except Triple-A West, which will have Wednesdays off for cheaper flight rates. Lots of weird 1-year setups, including some divisions staying within their own (like Triple-A East Northeast), AAA having the only All-Star break, and nobody expecting to have playoffs
  6. Lexington has an announcement scheduled for tomorrow, where I'm guessing they'll say they're joining the Atlantic or Frontier League
  7. The star design is too close to the Astros one of that era
  8. Am I missing it or did Chris' latest article recapping the realignment forget the West Virginia Power among the teams in limbo?
  9. Kane County will be joining the American Association partner league https://www.americanassociationbaseball.com/american-association-welcomes-kane-county-cougars/
  10. NEW LOGO unveiled today: Simpler look with the addition of teal and going lowercase PREVIOUS LOGO:
  11. That Cooper article doesn't make sense. I thought Mid-Atlantic and Carolina were going to be two separate six-team leagues? Matthew - The independent Atlantic League, American Association and Frontier League will now have the demoted Pioneer League also in the mix. Pioneer is expected to run after the draft for players that go undrafted. The Draft League (consisting of six former MiLB teams) and the demoted Appalachian League will be wood bat leagues for college players. Draft League will have draft-eligible players that aren't competing in the College World Series, while Appalachian League will be for top freshmen and sophomores not eligible for the draft. The other existing summer leagues (Cape Cod, etc.) will continue to exist as alternate options
  12. Has there been any confirmation of this? I've also seen Bowling Green mentioned as the sixth team
  13. If that list is accurate, one of the Midwest League teams needs to move to the new Mid-Atlantic one. Also the "Carolina League" will have Rome GA in it The Tri-City for the Angels appears to be the Northwest League one that was on the original cut list, not the NYPL one
  14. The most recent reports I read were that Daytona survived the cut, which leaves the Rays with a SAL team
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