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  1. Reading back through this whole topic, it appears the only updates we have for 2020 are: -- All uniforms getting the Nike swoosh -- Padres brown/yellow rebrand (covered in a separate topic) -- possibly a "White Sox" script alternate -- Dodgers All-Star patch -- possibly a Twins "60 years in Minnesota" patch Anything else yet?
  2. 1. You forgot the Kannapolis Intimidators, who will be getting a new name on October 23 2. The reason why there aren't many relocations or brand changes this offseason is because minor league affiliate deals are done in multiples of two years (assuming the major league affiliate doesn't own the team already) and run out after seasons in even-numbered years, and any potential relocations are planned during those times. As of now, the only one after 2020 is Pawtucket to Worcester.
  3. Not all home uniforms are white. San Francisco's aren't.
  4. The Eagles don't use the green pants anymore. Worn once all of 2017, never worn last year or this year
  5. I meant the standard logo being at center ice, no anniversary logos
  6. For the first time in Flyers history (and the last NHL team to do it), they'll have one logo at center ice instead of the usual two
  7. Cole Hamels is wearing the same "DPM" patch the Phils players have been wearing throughout the season to honor former chairman David Montgomery
  8. The 1994 Phillies had alternate blue hats that were dropped because they were "unlucky" The 1997 Jaguars changed the look of the jersey numbers between the end of the preseason and the start of the season because of complaints from the announcers
  9. From behind, they look like Knicks jerseys
  10. We already saw the navy "Philadelphia" uniforms earlier in this thread, but the Sixers just teased this: