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  1. Toronto at home is in their St. Pat's uniforms and the Flyers are in their alternate blacks, and the NBC Sports Philadelphia scorebug also shows Toronto in green instead of blue
  2. Anyone else notice recent Browns acquisitions have been portrayed in the alternate brown uniform instead of the regular one? The regular is still available for sale, but it's just something that stood out for me. Making OBJ's first jersey: Olivier Vernon's Twitter profile pic:
  3. On the "Atlanta" script, the "n" is different (you can see the leading "a" connects to the top instead of the bottom), the t's are thinner, and the a's are slanted more. I think the only change on "Braves" is the slantier "a"
  4. I don't think the unis are changing at all
  5. New Phillies primary logo?
  6. The pics shown above are Memphis, Arizona, Atlanta and San Diego respectively
  7. I know it's already listed correctly a few pages back, but for anyone that forgot or didn't hear, the Eagles are wearing green at New Orleans thanks to a bet between Doug Pederson and Sean Payton earlier this year