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  1. The Indians wore their "CLEVELAND" road jerseys at home as a statement about the team nickname
  2. It's also water .... where fish are.
  3. It says GRUNDENS, a fishing apparel company
  4. Never said the green of the body was changed
  5. Here's the modified Phanatic. How many differences can you spot?
  6. Not sure if it belongs here or the general MLB topic, but the Phillie Phanatic will be altered a little this year to satisfy an ongoing copyright/ownership lawsuit before the Phils lose the rights to their mascot on June 15. The updates will apparently be seen on Sunday during the first locally televised spring training game
  7. Embiid got permission from Bobby Jones to "unretire" #24 for tonight, and Zhaire Smith switched from #8 to #7
  8. Yeah that Eagles neon green thing has been used for a while
  9. I get it, it's annoying when people claim to have insider knowledge and it's BS, but Teal seemed to be right most of the time, just like some of the regulars that have been on this board for the past decade, and I get sometimes they can't reveal too much or say where things come from and "trust me on this one" is tough to trust on the internet. I say give him another chance, as long as he isn't cocky about things
  10. The Eagle faces to the left because the right side (the back of the head) is the letter "E" for "Eagles" And while we're talking about odd franchise histories, remember there's also the Winnipeg Jets that have the Thrashers history but not the original Jets history because that's still with the Coyotes. But yeah, the way I understood the Browns move back in 1996, the Browns team members were allowed to leave and form a new team in Baltimore but the name, unis and all the history, etc. had to stay in Cleveland as part of the agreement, so technically the Ravens are not the Browns.
  11. Sorry, I missed something happening. Why was Teal shut down? I've seen him post for a while and he seemed to be credible
  12. Only if the "one helmet" rule is modified. They want kelly green throwbacks but can't do it with the midnight green helmet