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Potomac Cannons to change name


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whats wrong with the name "cannons"?

oh i should rephrase that. its about time they got a new look. there is nothing wrong with the name (well at least the nickname, the ill-concieved "Potomac" moniker is just horrible). Cannons is appropriate for the area, the logo is the thing that sucks, so hopefully a new name brings a new logo as well.

death to anthropromorphic cannonballs!

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The name change is happening using the same mindset that caused the Washington Bullets to change their name to the Wizards. Both bullets and cannons represent firearms/ballistic weapons, which, particularly given the sniper spree in the DC area, could upset some members of society.

So look for the unveiling of the Potomac Injuns on the 13th.

Welcome to DrunjFlix

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