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Pro-Hoops in Vancouver, Canada


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I'm moving to Vancouver (Canada) next month, and was hoping to catch some pro hoops during my 9-12 month stay. Aside from driving to Seattle to catch a Sonics game, what is my best bet?


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Well you are about 4 years too late for the Grizzlies who are finally a pretty good team, maybe you could have helped them out if you made the move earlier.



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As mentioned on a post somewhere else, Vancouver is one of 1,433,388.5and one half teams to be in the ABA next year.

And showing the low expectations for class and ethics they plan to have, they have hired Jim Harrick as coach.

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hey Greg, are you going to get Fox Footy via sattellite or whatever? surely you can't live without Footy (like me!)


1) Take a few footballs

2) Play kick to kick with whoever your goign with

3) Make sure people watch

4) then make sure they know what your doing

5) invite them to join in

6) explain football to the people there

7) fly back home and watch the rest of the footy season!!!

good luck Greg, but i'm sure you don't want to watch an ABA game though, those pics on its site look like no-one is watching in the stands


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