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Tank stumper 6/23/03


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Do we count the Diamondbacks as Phoenix??

Nashville would be on the list

San Diego


New Orleans



+ Phoenix if you dont count the D'Backs (I remember they won people talked about them being the first pro sports team from Arizona to win but didnt talk about them being the first from Phoenix!?!)

Counting the 4 major US pro leagues that i believe is it!

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drop seattle, the sonics won back in 79.

so my new guesses will be

charlotte if you count the bobcats

new orleans


buffalo (i knew i forgot something)

columbus if you count the crew

san diego if you don't count the chargers' afl titles

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Having delved deeper obviously the D'backs are in Phoenix so strike that off my list!! (derr!!)

I was thinking the Hurricanes are in Charlotte but there arent (Ooops silly me!!) And i dont think we can count the Bobcats until they actually have completed an NBA season.

I wasnt gonna count MLS myself

And I wasnt counting AFL titles (or NFL titles for that matter) as they are the equivalent of an AFC or NFC championship now, which I assume we all arent counting!!)

So here is my list

Nashville (Preds and Titans)

San Diego (Chargers and Padres)

New Orleans (Saints, Hornets)

Buffalo (Bills and Sabres)

Indianapolis (Colts and Pacers)

Also New Orleans Jazz didnt win the NBA there either!!! (and Anaheim just before them!)

Of course Tampa Bay is the latest to take itself off the list

Interestingly the Padres are the only Baseball team on the above list!

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Ok here are the answers

Teams that have never won without debate


New Orleans


Teams taht can argue they ahave a majro championship but can also be argued they dont

San Diego (1963 AFL)

Buffalo (1964 & 1965 AFL)

Indiianoplis (1970, 1972 & 1973 ABA)

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