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Toronto Marlboroughs


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Report: Marlies coming back to Toronto

TSN.ca Staff


It appears that the Marlies are coming back to Toronto.

According to a report in the Toronto Sun, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. has decided to change the name of its transplanted AHL farm team to the Toronto Marlboroughs next year. MLSE has called a news conference on Tuesday to announce the new name and logo.

''I don't want to steal their thunder, but if they choose Marlies, it's a wonderful name,'' parent Leafs' head coach Pat Quinn told the Sun. ''It has a lot of recognition around junior hockey circles in Ontario.''

The Marlies, who played in Toronto from 1951 to 1989, won seven Ontario junior championships and six Memorial Cups.

I cant wait to see the logo and unis, and if you go to http://www.torontomarlies.ca , you get a promt asking for username and password...a few weeks ago is said "under construction" so I could tell for awhile this was comming, and im glad its being made official today. GO MARLIES!!

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I like the 2 tone blue, it seems to reflect to the two different style of blue the Leafs have worn over the years. Does anyone know if they're just gonna use the regular Leafs jerseys?

They'll probably wear a blue and white version of their alternates (or early 60s uniforms) with a Maple Leaf/Crown logo on the shoulders.

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The uniforms are exactly the same as the Maple Leafs, stripes and fonts... this Marlies logo is on the front and the old Marlboroughs crown logo is on the shoulder (you can see it in the OHL section of my site)... I really dont like the logo on the front of the jersey, looks like it isn't supposed to be there. I would flip the shoulder and jersey crest.

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