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NLL 2006 All-Star Game logo


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Atleast the NLL changed their allstar logo it been the same for the last two years

No, no it reeeeally wasn't.

This years was in Calgary and it featured mountains and a lacrosse silhouette of a player with stars and circles. The colors were yellow(ish), blue and red.

The year before that, the game was held in Colorado and the logo was burgundy and black. It featured a goalie stick as the primary mark, and mountains. The two logos are totally different.

Anyways, as for this logo. It could be soooooo much better if it were simplified. It is too busy. Definitely a huuuuge step up from last years design. The wordmark primarily is what makes this look like a Radom design. I'd love to know who did it. A huge step in the right direction for the NLL.

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