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Better or Worse than what they have now  

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I love the bearpaw on the shoulder - I prefer navy blue, but you have a very nice concept here. :D

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I made some changes, you can see it up there or here. By removing the white side panel, the pant striping is now consistent. I also think it makes the gold jersey look better too. Keep in ming the gold is really more of an athletic gold, while UCLA does use a metalic gold, as well as an athletic gold but their atlhletic gold is farther from yellow than Cal's. Also they use powder blue.


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I'm going to Cal, and these aren't too bad, though I think they'd be better with their home as a Navy blue. The stripe on the side is pretty nice, though I do miss the Bronco-ish stripes they currently have. The bear paw on the sleave is a big improvement.

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