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Mayor-elect in Dodger jersey


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L.A. mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa took the mound in Chavez Ravine on Friday night to throw out the first pitch in the Dodgers/Angels freeway series. As a good Angeleno, he wore a Dodgers jersey and announced that L.A. has only one team:


Is there any significance to the number "05" on the jersey?

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kinda funny, on the fox saturday broadcast they pointed out that the los angeles dodgers were in a complete state of denail of the angel's new name. they still had the old batting circle logo that said "anaheim angels" (although i dont know how many teams really went through the trouble to change that) and on the scoreboard aparently it still said ANA instead of LAA.

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It's probably the same number that the batboys wear.

The Dodgers are looking pretty petty in this whole thing.  Very childish, from an organization that oughta know better.  Pretty soon, they'll start referring to their cross-town rivals as the "Anaheim Stinky Pants."  :rolleyes:

[Nelson]HA! HA!!!![/Nelson] :rotfl:


The CCSLC's resident Geelong Cats fan.

Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends. Sounds like something from a Rocky & Bullwinkle story arc.

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