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St. Louis Sharks Concept


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Nothing comes up when you click on those links.

You have to click and drag the first link.

There they are! Thank ya!

The new hat is much better..perhaps put an outline around the ST L to differentiate the two dark colors - either a white outline or gray. But it looks good!

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Yes. We have quite the Shark infestation here in Missouri. :wacko:

(Just messin witya, man. B) )

Well, I happen to be one, and the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis numbers in the thousands of members, so the name is okay with me. :D

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They were a little hard to see, even after getting them to larger size. But, your choice of colors just doesn't work. They look like Dolphin aqua or Shark teal with navy. Too depressing. And you NEVER have a team wear dark pants unless it's a softball or little league team. About the only thing I like about your concept is the logo.

Question- What kind of sharks swim in the Mississippi River? :blink:

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