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Cedar Rapids Kernels


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Just attended a Kernels game in Cedar Rapids. Bought a hat to wear to cheer on my hometown nine:


Now, it's a heck of a lot better than the Cedar Rapids Reds of my youth, who just pasted an ugly R into Cincy's classic C logo, but I'm of two minds. As a baseball cap logo, I think the corn diamond is dreadful. I want a cap with a non-Colorado CR on it, like the classic old Cedar Rapids Raiders caps on display in the team's museum.

Then again, the Kernels' cap looks just like the seed-company caps all the grown-ups in my life wore when I was a kid in Cedar Rapids two decades ago. So in that way it's a brilliant cap, perfect for its location. But folks are leaving the land and you just don't see that many Dekalb caps any more in Iowa, so the Kernels' cap is a brilliant reference to an aspect of local culture that doesn't exist any more.

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oh it's not that bad--it fits the name and location, etc...

It's the name that I find odd...

Yet--hey why not...

What seems odd to you about the name "Kernels"? It's Iowa, fer cryin' out loud! :D

Seriously, most years Iowa is the leading corn and pork producer in the nation, so Kernels makes a lot of sense to me (and sounds better than "Hog Futures" or "Pork Bellies"). Given CR's history and industrial base, "Silos" or "Millers" would also work. Historically the two original team names have been the Rabbits and Raiders.

As for the Kernels name, I'd like to hope that it was chosen in part to honor the Keokuk Kernels, for whom Roger Maris and Tim McCarver once played.

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