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Mets Concept


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Orange on orange? No thanks. You have no pinstripes in your collar/button area (don't know what thats called). Your piping is not clean. I don't like that black hat with the orange letters, it looks too much like the giants. And solid grey hats with no logo?

This requires more thought and even more time cleaning it up and presenting it well.


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A few things here... You did a good thing by getting rid of most of the black, but why are the belts in the home, home pinstripes, orange alt and BP black, when black is nowhere in the concept?

The BP hat is a keeper, I've always wanted the Mets to use a blue hat with orange brim in one capacity.

The pinstripe alt would be better if the "NY" was blue with an orange outline.

And finally, leave black the way it is on the current team, or ditch it completely. Don't go halfway.

Anything else I would say had already been said. A little too much orange for a team whose primary color is blue... not a bad start altogether.


New York Jets |3-3| First, AFC East

New York Mets |74-88| Fourth, NL East

New York Islanders|34-37-11| Fifth, Atlantic Division

New Orleans Hornets |21-45| Third, Southwest Division

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