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Pocono Racers

Camden Crazy

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My first attempt at a fantasy football team. Obviously with my team name, I incorporated Pocono Raceway into it as best as I could. I wanted to put a stock car in it, but with paint and not very good art skills, I couldn't make that happen. I think I did a pretty good job though. As for the uniforms, I designed them, Daisydukes cleaned them up a bit for me, and the project was finished. C&C appreciated as usual, enjoy!




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Just kidding.

Nicely done with the racetrack. A good use of their logo. Plus, if you have any racefans in the audience, they'll recognize the "Roaval" [© Darrel Waltrip].

Which brings me to the negatives: If there's someone who sees this who doesn't know anything about NASCAR, they won't get the link between Pocono Racers and a triangle.

Also, just a question: Why orange?


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hey this is the sasquatch, have to say, you have the worst logo in the league, but that is nothing compared to the teams talent.

i dont know racing, so i am not aware of the triangle, and i think you really need a racecar to make the logo more standout. the logos in ufl are cool, and standout


my own, the sasquatch

new orleans crawfish

oakland terror

lb venom

virginia vultures

portland nightmare

then ther are the okay ones...




but yours, along with shamrocks is just terrible. fix it! soon! non eed for an overhaul, just some tweaks, and better effects, maybe a car. just find one on the internet and go over it in your colors on paint. or, do what i did with the sasquatch, draw it w/ pencil, scan it, and work with it on paint

good luck in the ufl!

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Well like I said in my first post, my drawing skill, on computer or off, is non existent. The options of what I could do were very limited. Anything else that completely degrades my work and makes me ask myself if I want to waste my time doing this anymore?



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Please don't take anyone's C&C to heart. It's just one person's opinion of the work, not their assessment of you as a person. While iccomics' remarks do sound a bit "richard"-ish, don't worry about it. Just keep working on your logos and concepts if you get enjoyment from them.

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Btw this is old hat for Notre Dame. Knits Rockne made up George Tip's death bed speech.


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A racecar could make a good logo but the PR Triangle is great. The one with the wordmakr in it? Im not feeling it. Too plain and boring.

The PR: Its simple, had connections to Pocono. A car could work as a secondary, but do not feel the need to change everything because your set is awesome right now. It might need something a littlew more racing connected but your uniforms especiaaly are very cool (except 2 whites, y ou only really need 1).

icomics you got to cool it with your remarks.

His is pretty good actually, and I wouldnt say the sasquatch is that great at all. So just tell him how to imrpve his stuff, before you make a list of logos that you think are better than his, when many of them have obvious flaws, that not even his do.

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