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my first made logo


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I'm not too sure about this one.

First, the logo is circular, but the words are straight. It looks really odd to me.

Second, all those cute effects would make this extremely inpractical for real-world use. Even if this logo was for internet-only use, the effects are just a distraction.

Third, if it didn't say "black cats", I'd think that was a bear or some other animal. Come to think of it, the way the black line comes down from the head, it almost looks like a llama.

Assuming that it is a cat, it is supposed to be "breaking through" the logo, yet it appears to be sitting still. Work on a couple of these things and you could probably turn this into something nice.

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well like i said, it was my FIRST ever made logo, not even any practise, i wanted to make the words go round the circle but i didnt no how too, and that was the best breaking through affect i could make

i think it is alright for my first logo, i usually make sigs

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I second BringBackTheVets thoughts.....Man I have no words for this one.

Maybe try something more simple. I know you want to do something kick@$$ for your first logo but its not working.

I like the cats head and the idea of the puck (the pucks coloring).

Maybe try just the head on top of a puck. Like the Bobcats logo on a puck kinda (as an idea).

PLEASE do not use all those weird, USELESS (for logo making) effects.

Try some sketches to. You cant jump straight into the program untill youre more adept at it, even then thumbnails help (Ive learned the hard way recently with my Elk logo).

OOPS...EDIT: AND this is a public board dont get uptight, we are just trying to help you become better, take our advice or dont, but most people that come on here are looking for C&C, so dont get defensive.

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What they said... :D

I see you're branching out, trying new things. That's very good. However, the effects that make sig images look sick, well, they make logos look sick also. It's a case of "cleaner is definitely better".

Like I've said before, you have potential. You seem to really know your way around Photoshop. If ya need to, familiarize yourself with the sports design (not sigs) basics by just doing concepts of different teams, then go into logos. Good luck.

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Yeah, I meant unis. Prolly shoulda specified. ^_^

What we're saying is the [in]famous grid-lines and gradients don't work for your typical logo. Gradiants may work, but it's at best a 1/100 shot. Gridlines... Never. :P

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I'd say that for the most part, the program you use to draw the logo really means very little. The concept comes from the mind, and even if the concept is drawn in pencil / paper, MS Paint, Photoshop, Draw, etc. the basic design elements will be the same and that is what is being critiqued. If a concept is done in Paint and all of the lines aren't perfectly smooth, we'll still be able to tell what you intended to do and critique the design. Then, as you progress and get better tools to work with, you can apply the design critiques to your original concept and bang out a kick-ass logo. So like someone else said earlier, don't get defensive if you ask for c/c. First logo or 500th, there's always going to be ways to improve.

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i wanted to make the words go round the circle but i didnt no how to

EDIT** in topic "Photoshop Help"

As for the logo, i like the puck idea and the cat comin out of the puck. however, even though the cats face is not that bad, it looks like a pretty fat cat to me. And try curving the words and taking a couple effects out. Not bad overall. Good for a first.

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:welcome: there, bro.

My 2 cents, take 'em or leave 'em...

Great idea, the execution is a little behind the concept. But you'll get better with every set you try. Like cyan said, no one here is taking personal swipes at you - this is a great forum to expand and cultivate your talents, and some very trenchant criticisms.

My first impression was that it was a very chubby cat, and he looked very content to be sitting in the puck instead of leaping out of it. Forelegs or something similar would convey motion, which would be to the benefit of the team's image - you would rather have your team not conveying an image of stagnation and a lack of movement.

Text arcing can be done relatively easily once you explore PS fully. If I can do it on MSPaint, I know it can be done on PS.

Keep in mind that what you're doing should, in theory, be easy enough to reproduce for TV, jerseys, caps and merchandise. A lot of the details get lost when graphics are converted to something that can be done with textiles.

It's a great idea; I'm looking forward to seeing it as it develops.

Good luck, and welcome again.

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