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Would any of you have an interest in these?


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I make these custom McFarlanes. For those not familiar, it's taking a McFarlane figure and re-painting and decaling it to be a different team and player.

Here's two of many I've done. The first is Ricky Williams into Cedric Benson and the second is Jake Plummer into Jim Kelly.

I thought that people here may have interest. Because I repaint the whole thing, I could do one in Fantasy League jerseys, or Concept Jereseys you guys have made. I thought it might be a unique thing some might be interested in, to have your designs on a 3D model.

Just throwing this out there to see if anyone has interest. I'm finishing 5 customs to get signed at a Buffalo Bills practice, but after that, I don't have any other projects lined up.





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Nice work. Can you take more pix so we can see the figures at different angles?

Did you draw the numbers and logos yourself, or did you get them form a template? They seem pretty accurate, except that the sleeve numbers on the Bears figure are not the same as the front and back ones (even the front numbers are different from the back ones). The sleeve numbers are more stout, not as vertical. Just an extremely minor nitpick, though (the more time you spend here the more you'll understand the obsession :D )

Back-to-Back Fatal Forty Champion 2015 & 2016

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I'm not very good at drawing on the computer, so most numbers are from templates or someone drew them for me.

Here's the last one I finished up, DeAngelo Williams from Memphis. The packaging insert was created by a friend of mine.






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I was always a crap model-maker as a kid. Impatient, mainly, and so the warp engines on my starships always drooped at odd angles or the wings on my figher planes were lopsided or whatnot.

Then I got it into my head last year that what I really needed to do was customize a McFarlane Nomar figure into my fantasy team's uniform. I approached the job systematically and with much more patience than I ever did as a kid, and had to teach myself a bunch of painting and decal-making techniques (man, if only Internet FAQs had existed when I was trying to build all those starship Enterprises and Klingon battlecruisers and P-38s). Armed with some instruction printouts, a bit of patience, and a whole mess of Citadel paints, I was able to make a great custom Nomar in Rhubarbs home whites. It was a very fun project, and this winter I'll be putting McFarlane's new Tom Glavine in Rhubarbs road tans.

Just by way of pointing out how fun customizing McFarlane figures can be for a sports uniform fan, even one who gave up on model-making long ago.

The secret, I found, was taking the figure apart and not painting the face, hair, or exposed arms and hands; using water-based paints so that mistakes can easily be washed away for a do-over; and making all the details out of custom decals that are quite easy to make on any inkjet printer, and then applied onto white paint. That and patience. Being willing to do like 10 minutes of work on the model every day for a couple of weeks is ultimately what paid off for me.

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dang dude those look awesome

Thanks man.

And I haven't forgotten yet. I'll get you the stuff for the other DVD covers soon! Although I've been saying that for like 5 months!

no problem...just get em to me when you can...

the packaging on those are unreal...i mean it is very authentic looking. Need to do a Bama player...I need to work on a Shaun Alexander for my fantasy team....hmm ideas

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