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Newark Bears Road Jersey Question


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I recently attended a Newark Bears baseball game of the Atlantic League and purchased a replica road jersey with NEWARK on the front


I want to have this customized and would like to know if there are numbers on the front of the jersey below the NEWARK logo. I tried asking the Bears staff themselves but all I could get were idiotic answers. :wacko: Sorry to say but affiliated minor league teams blow the independent leagues away; I can always get an answer for whatever I request. Can someone please help me? I don't think this is an unreasonable request.


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I dont know if it means anything but they put a number on the front of their home jerseys.




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I am extremely annoying?

Yes. Very. You are almost to the point of being Craven Annoying.



Sorry you consider have a slightly the same basic shield design a rip off. Let's see some of your work before you try to rip on someone like Josh, ICS, Cward, Nitro, and all of the others who are far greater than I and probably you.

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Thanks Shmitt. Just a plain white number on the front with no outline? You're more informative than anyone I contacted at the Bears staff. They were all like this


Just remember the numbers have to be in their God-awful arial font.. :hockeysmiley:

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