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Texas A&M unis


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The last time for both combonations was the 2004 Season, so jsut for the sake of doing so....

9/02/04 TAMU @ Utah, White on White

9/11/04 Wyoming @ TAMU, Maroon on White

9/18/04 Clemson @ TAMU, Maroon on White

10/02/04 K-State @ TAMU, Maroon on White

10/09/04 TAMU @ Iowa State, Whiteo on Maroon

10/16/04 TAMU @ Oklahoma State, White on Maroon

10/23/04 Colorado @ TAMU, Maroon on White

10/30/04 TAMU @ Baylor, White on Maroon

11/06/04 Oklahoma @ TAMU, Maroon on White

11/13/04 Texas Tech @ TAMU, Maroon on Maroon

11/26/04 TAMU @ t.u., ? on ?

01/01/05 Tenn vs TAMU, Cotton Bowl, Maroon on White

realizing I have no life and slightly ashamed I wrote t.u. not UT


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The only thing I know about Texas A&M is that I threw for over 700yds. with the man in your sig, Tyler f'n Palko in NCAA Football '04. To make this somewhat related to the topic, all white is the way to go for road uniforms. I love the Jets all whites.

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