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International challenge 2


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Congrates to SharkHatesBrown for his Tuvalu Hockey concept. Now on to the new challenge. Just to be clear I will, I will be using RC's international templates to decide when to make an exception to only the flag colors rule. All other rules stand.

Now this weeks challenge....


Since black is used in the China sports, it can be used along with the other colors in the flag.

The Deadline is Sept. 14, 8 pm in the east.

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The Chinese soccer and basketball teams (both men and women) usually wear red and white, so red and yellow is not set in stone.

The hockey teams, however, do wear red, yellow and black.

I think that all three patterns (red/white, red/yellow, red/yellow/black) should be allowed.

The basketball team usually wears two hyrogliphics that SHM placed on the chest of the jersey (they are translated "The Blossoming Middle", that's what the Chinese call their country). I don't see what harm it would be to put the native writing on the helmets.

I agree that the numbers and names should be in Western writing.

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Perhaps a wee bit hokey (must be the numbers), but I like the way this turned out. I was going for a Barstormer-esque helmet...I found that logo on Flags of the World, thought it was great, and found a use for it. Sorry for the large .jpg, but it looked like total crap as a .gif...

Copy & Paste

Vote For 9er!!  :D


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Hmm I reckon shark will do it again this time for a repeat! I voted him first, only because modesty stopped me from voting him top! I'm not sure his looks like a national team uni. Maybe if they had an NFL Asia, they would wear that!!!!


2011/12 WFL Champions

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