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Brandon wheat kings (whl) new threads


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Just got back from the Portland Winter Hawks season opener tonight, and was surfing for some WHL news when I stumbled upon this. Apparently, the Brandon Wheat Kings have changed their uniforms and have slightly altered their colours.


Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Brandon, Manitoba – The Brandon Wheat Kings have unveiled new home and away jerseys for the 2003-2004 Western Hockey League season. General manager Kelly McCrimmon and several members of the hockey club including 18-year old Ryan Stone introduced the new jerseys Wednesday night as part of the hockey club’s Open House at the Keystone Centre.

The black and vegas gold sweaters are patterned after the National Hockey League’s Pittsburgh Penguin jerseys. The crown logo, introduced two years ago on the Wheat Kings’ Third jersey will be featured on the front of the uniform while a new secondary logo has been introduced in the form of a shoulder patch.

“This jersey captures the popular crown logo for our third jersey and uses the contemporary Penguin uniform for the base colors,” says McCrimmon. “The shoulder patch really finishes the jersey off nicely and I think gives us a terrific jersey that our players and fans will love.”

The new shoulder patch was created by Keith Flynn of Flynnagain Productions of Toronto, the same graphic artist that designed the Wheat Kings’ popular Third jersey in 2001.

A graduate of the Visual Arts program at York University, Flynn got his start in high school doing editorial cartoons for a small weekly newspaper. Later, he worked as a professional artist at Venator Canada Inc., which represents such companies as Footlocker, Northern Reflections, Randy River and Champs Sports for fourteen years before opening his own firm nine years ago.

The Wheat Kings new look will debut on opening night, Friday, September 19th when they play host to the Moose Jaw Warriors.

(To see an image of the new home and road jerseys, click here.)

FWIW, here's a pic of the Wheat Kings' prior home and road jerseys, and their third jersey, which I really liked.

And FWIW part two, the WHL is continuing with the format of white jerseys at home, dark jerseys on the road.

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Im torn... grew up as a wheatie fan.... love the penguin jerseys but i miss the old logo... sigh

Hmm...  I would've thought you'd be a Pats fan?  :;):

But you got me thinking about the old logo with the new jerseys.  I know the color is slightly off, and I didn't include a shoulder logo, but how about this?


Template and resources courtesy Roger Clemente, Wheat Kings and WHL logos courtesy TheSLE, CCM logo courtesy logo.nino.ru, CHL logo courtesy Frylock.

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I grew up in Moosomin which is just shy of an hour outside brandon... still on the sask side of the border but its 2 hours to regina... went to many Wheatie games... Peter Schaffer, Wade Redden, Byron Penstock, Burke Henry, Chris Dingman... those were the days...i wear my wheaties jersey all the time especially to pats games...lol...

ps i like those jerseys frylock... but both logos are good but i prefer the wheat sheaf

pps.. the edits just keep coming... that logo isnt a new as they make it sound... there juniour b wheat kings out of brandon have been using it for years... ill have to dig through the old trophy pile to see if i have the puck i got for being in one of their tournaments...

yet another edit...its a slight modification on a logo they used from 85-89 i think...

Old wheaties logo

hopefully this is my last edit... heres a better view at the shoulder patch.. looks like some one fouled up a Burger King Logo...

Wheaties shoulder patch

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