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Robinson steps down as Devils coach


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According to TSN.ca, Larry Robinson has stepped down as coach of the New Jersey Devils.

The story does not say why he stepped down or who will replace him (Edit: Or at least it didn't when I originally posted it), but the Devils have lost seven out of their last nine games.

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Wow, this is shocking. It seems he is stepping down because of health reasons. He said he has had some stress related problems the last few weeks. He'll stay with the organization, after all he stayed with them after he was fired a few years ago.

It says right now that Lou Lamoriello will coach tomorrow night. After that who knows? Maybe Scott Stevens?

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the Gm as coach?? for a brief time right so he can evualate the players on the team??

It's not as uncommon as you make it sound... the leafs did this from 99-03ish, and the rangers did it for a while in the last couple of seasons


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I wouldn't do Stevens in as Coach. as much as I loved him as a player, he has zero experience as a coach. Very few guys are able to be successful just making the jump from player to coach. Even Gretzky had some experience in management with team Canada before he took the Coyotes job.

If it's just a temp thing, then Stevens could work, but I would put one of the assistants in there as head, then let Scott slide in for the Assistant role, learn the ropes, then if they need a full timer again in the future they're all set.

As for the GM taking over, that is likely the best move to make. GMs are in tune with what the team make-up is (if they're good they are), with the coaching staff to help them out could make a good unit

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Lamoriello has coached 1 game in the NHL whcih was I think Game 7 of the 1988 Wales Conference Finals. He replaced Schoenfeld who was suspended for telling Referee Don Kowarski, "Have another Donut, you fat pig!". The Devils lost that game.

Before coming to the Devils Lamoriello was head coach at Providence before becoming the AD their.

Yea, I don't think Stevens will become the coach. Maybe an assistant because he was a guy that the players were afraid of when he was the captain and was able to keep them in line. Although I doubt Stevens does want to be a coach. THe Devils assistants are Maclean who I don't think is ready to be a head coach and Jacques Laperriere who I'm not sure what kind of coach is he.

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Can't say I didn't see this coming with the struggles the Devs are having...

Stevens as the HC? No, don't see it happening to be honest.

Wouldn't shock me to see them name John MacLean as the head man, seeing he already filled in for a game with the team earlier this season (SO Win over the Wild, IIRC).


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