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Need a little bit of help...


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2) Where can I find a good basketball court template?

Took this from the first sticky post in the forum.

For those of you who have been asking for field templates, they are finally here.

Just go to http://mrudolf.tripod.com/fields for vector graphics of 16 different fields.

Available are:

* baseball

* football (NFL, NCAA, CFL and Arena)

* basketball (NBA, NCAA and international)

* hockey

* soccer

* field hockey

* lacrosse

* tennis

* softball

* volleyball

* curling

They are all to the same scale, so you could lay them atop one another if you are designing a multi-sport facility. (Caution: although you can put a tennis court in a hockey rink and it will fit, you can not put a soccer field on a volleyball court. Just won't work. :laugh: )



3) What program do you edit jersey + courttemplates?

I prefer Illustrator, but sometimes I use Photoshop. I like to keep my images in vector format so I can easily edit them, so my advice would be Illustrator.

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Here's a quote I took from another post.

i work with photoshop and illustrator all day, everyday (12 years now).  photoshop vector files work well with any vector based graphics program.  the exported vector paths do not retain any color or layer effects, but that's why adobe has illustrator.  if you only had photoshop and used the pen tool to create a logo, the exported file would be a empty path that you can import into any graphics program and assign nessessary color information.  this is not the intended use for photoshop, though as it is primarly used for raster based (pixels) photo manipulation/creation.

if you want to learn more about vector format from photoshop, do a google search on "paths", "layer masks", or "exporting paths to illustrator" for photoshop.  there are plenty of tutorials on this on the web.

So to answer the question

There is even a way to vectorize your Photoshop stuff, no?

You can have vectors in photoshop, but to take full advantage of it, you need to have Illustrator or another vector based drawing program.

I would check eBay to purchase Illustrator if you are interested in having a vector program.  I just checked today and there are about 10 different auctions (for windows) for Illustrator version 7, 9 and 10.  Any one of these are good versions to use.

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