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proposed 4 team trade


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i kno everybody is probably aware of this. Lets get your reaction, and who does it help and hurt the most?

Mets Get:

- P Danys Baez

- OF Manny Ramirez

Red Sox get:

- SS Miguel Tejada

- OF Joey Gathright

Orioles get:

- SS Julio Lugo

- P Matt Clement

(possibly Kris Benson)

Devil Rays get:

- 3B Andy Marte

- P Jae Seo

- P Aaron Heilman

- 2B/SS Kaz Matsui

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I don't know too much about Gathright, but I'd prefer not to give up Marte if we don't get more than him. I'd rather take my chances with Marte in LF and have to find a way to fill CF than trading away Marte for anyone less than a Coco Crisp-type.

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The only thing that concerns me is if Tejada can fill in the hole offensively that Ramirez will leave. You defintely need another bat after Ortiz to protect him.

34 HR's and 150 RBI's the year before last. Good average, too. I'd easily trade Manny for Tejada

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An official from one of the teams involved said this deal hasn't even been discussed.

The NY media playing GM again.

The DRays would have made out like bandits. Two starters, one of the top prospects in baseball and a second basemen for a guy they have to get rid of so Upton can be called up, an overhyped centerfielder that can hit or field (some have called him a poor man's Juan Pierre), and a suspect closer.

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