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Yakima Bears


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"I'm just a bill, yeah I'm only a bill, and the big league teams, they all leave me plain"

basically, the idea for the striping I use on this set came to me while I was screwing around, and while I was admiring it on the sleeves, I decided to put it on the pants and cap too. so here we go...home is blue w/white pants, road is gold, switch alternate is all black, and home alt is red w/white pants.





Switch Alternate


Home Alternate


the bear logo's holding the bat the wrong way, but it kicks ass anyway, hence me using it.

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heh, that makes sense...oddly enough, I was thinkin of somethin I'd read about Hank Aaron holdin the bat that way.

I know all polar bears are leftpawed, but did anybody bother to study regular bears? :blink:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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