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Looking for good fonts


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Save your sarcasm for someone who actually has alot of time to troll through the forums........

Or someone who actually values your opinion!

Hey, he did help you out... and it does say "Please read before you ask a question"... and it is the top thread on the entire board...

That and the fact that this is a monthly question it seems adds to the reason we may appear tired or annoyed when it gets asked. Think nothing of it, and don't take it personally.

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If you've made 200 posts on this forum, you should probably have enough experience here to know this comes up every week and there are no good sites that have much in the way of sports related fonts.

Perhaps a search on google for "free fonts" will start you on the same journey we've all taken without much luck.

Now, where can I find the Boston Red Sox font. I *know* that one is out there somewhere...



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spyboy, for the BoSox font, google for "famous fonts sports". at one time it was available there. it moves around but at one time it had the font you're after. they also have had TV, movie, auto, food, game, etc. styled fonts some good, some not so good.

if you do find a font that suits your design, slightly alter it to reflect the styling you want. iDonovan's latest designs show how tweaking standard fonts can give a design a look of it's own. (it also helps to have great artwork as well, looking forward to more of his posts)

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Sincerest apologies sir.........didn't mean to ruffle your feathers. Get it? Seahawks? Feathers? ugh. sorry.

This doesn't have anything to do with the Pack/Seattle game does it? Cause I didn't see that coming either.

I might have put that sigh in there as a slight dick move...but mostly because if someone as established here as yourself doesn't find the FAQ helpful and obvious, then what chance does it have of eliminating redundant newbie threads? It was the sigh of defeat and exasperation. Thus I have removed it from the original post. I hereby withdraw my sigh.

And if you are insinuating that I have too much time on my hands.................I plead guilty. You got me.

As for respecting my opinion....Where fonts can be found is hardly a matter of opinion...I gave you facts.

You shouldn't respect my opinion anyway and I don't believe I asked you to, Hawk. Hell, I barely respect my opinion, why on earth should anyone else?

There has been a slight case of snippy-ness going around on the forum lately and I am honestly sorry to have contributed to it.

we square?

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