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Discrimibattle vi voting


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we only have two entrants, so i'm throwin my hat in and it's gonna be a threeman grand royale. post each combatant's sets from 1 to 3, 1 being favorite and 3 being least favorite. final tally is saturday night, 9:30 pm CT.


puckcool:blues penguins avalanche


edit: whoops, i originally had puckguy there by mistake...sorry snowy

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I vote 1. Snowcap

        2.  Discrim

        3.  CoolPuck - I really like your Pen's concept and the

             Blues is pretty good.  I don't like the font choice.

You don't suck CoolPuck - you do good work!!! :D

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looks like this is it. voting is now over, i have tallied the votes, scoring 1 point for third, 2 for second and 3 for first. and in third place, with a total of 5 points...

and in second place, with a total of 7 points...
um...me, Discrimihater
and that leaves only one...with 12 points the runaway winner, or so it seemed...the winner of DiscrimiBattle VI and a new lightbulb...

all hail snowcap and puckcool, the only two who found any time to get into this thing...i think i'm gonna give the battles a week off and then go ahead with battle VII. i'll leave the light on for ya though.

unimportant sidenote: i just noticed this is post #989.  most of my games are 989 cus i think EA doesn't do as good of a job in other sports as they do football.  like i said, unimportant sidenote.

*shameless plug for NBA ShootOut 2004, still the only game with a true Career Mode---often contemplated, never attempted til last year*

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