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BoSox affiliate offers youth jersey to drop Yanks


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LOWELL, Mass. -- A minor league baseball team in Massachusetts has launched a campaign to eliminate the Yankees.

Well, at least in youth baseball leagues across New England.

The Lowell Spinners say if Little League and other youth leagues agree to change the name of their Yankees teams to the Spinners, they'll pay for the new uniforms.

The Spinners are a Class A affiliate of the Red Sox, archrival of the Yankees.

Spinners' general manager Tim Bawmann says children in New England are often devastated when they are assigned to be on a team called the Yankees.

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Well then in New York and New Jersey there shoudl eb no youth teams called the Red Sox.

I think if you start doing this you are opening a can of worms and nobody should do this.

THis reminds me of the time teh Yanks got mad at Andy Pettitte for his son wearing a Mets cap, Pettittes son played ona T-Ball team called the Mets and that was teh hat he had.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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