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Kirilenko recieves an 'Allowance'


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Jazz Notes: Wife gives Kirilenko woman 'allowance'

Andrei Kirilenko has been granted restricted free agency - by his wife.

Masha Lopatova, a former Russian pop star who has been married to the Jazz forward for nearly six years, understands the temptation NBA players are faced with as they travel around the country for seven months a year. And she believes that forbidding something only makes it more tempting. That's why, she revealed in a story in the current issue of ESPN The Magazine, she allows Kirilenko an "allowance" of one night per year with another woman.

How ridiculous is this?? Kirilenko claims to have never cashed in on the offer. If I were Andrei and my wife was telling me this, I would seriously begin to question the relationship. It could be possible she gets lonely while he's on the road and just maybe she wants it to be a two way street. Just a thought.

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Even if this is true, exactly WHY do they feel the need to share it with the rest of us? If it works for them, fine. But really do any of us really care about how they conduct their sex lives?

Why do I have a feeling that if he's caught out in public with someone else no "get out of jail free card" is going to stop her from castrating him anyway? :blink:

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You all are certainly cynics.

I think this just goes to show the depth of love this woman has for her husband. She's a shining example for wives everywhere.

Matter of fact, I'm going to show this article to my wife tonight (naturally changing the statement "one night a year" to "four nights a week"). I'm sure she'll find it inspiring.

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