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Vandy's Memorial Gym seating


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I looked at their site for why they seat the basketball teams benches on the endlines, but they had nothing. Anyone know why?
At the time, there was a serious discussion within the Vanderbilt community about whether the school should "de-emphasize" athletics, and it was decided that the facility would seat only about 7,000 persons, and would be readily adaptable to other uses. For this reason, the gymnasium floor was built up above its surroundings, more in the nature of a stage. The areas out of bounds along the sidelines were very wide, a stark change from the small facility which it replaced, where the walls were right along the sidelines and players could scrape their shoulders bringing the ball up the court. This necessitated the placement of the benches at the end of the court, which was not highly unusual at the time.

So apparently, as they kept expanding, they decided to keep the benches in the same place.

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ah, must have missed that. I find it funny that the NCAA hasn't made them change it.  :cursing:

I don't know that they can but they did make it so they could never host a men's basketball tournament game again unless they did change the benches. Apparently, too many coaches complained about the arrangement.

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Well they can play it at the Gaylord Center if they want to gto to Nashville.

Which is what the NCAA did when Nashville played host to mens' tournament games in 2005. Vanderbilt was the host, so they got a token logo on the GEC floor.

Speaking of the GEC, the place is hosting the SEC tournament next weekend. There's been all sorts of talk about the retro aspect being emphasized, since all teams will be wearing throwbacks for the tournament. The floor appears to have gone retro too, so much so that the only paint is from the basketball lines on the floor. The Ohio Valley Conference was nice enough to break the floor in by playing its championship game today in the Gaylord.

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