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Golden state gladiators


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I had this idea in my mind for a long time but never had enough time and motivation to start this..

It's basically a fantasy concept for a fictional college in California.

I'm not really satisfied with the wordmarks so if you've got suggestions then feel free to say them.

It's the first time I've used Illustrator to do something so don't be too harsh... please? :)

Golden State Gladiators

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I think it's very very nice, especially for a first time Illustrator-izer-nator.

When I see it, the profile viewpoint and colour scheme makes me think of the ECHL Gwinnet Gladiators.

A few suggestions... make sure the Character and Primary Logos are consistent (the black is missing from the comb on the primary... and the outline tends to vary in width around the face), and increase the size of the text (I'd say make it disproportionately taller than it is now, but increase the size overall as well), and especially increase the readability of Golden State College (nearly invisible... make it fatter and bigger). I'd also suggest consolidating to preferably 1 or 2 (max 3) wordmarks.

Otherwise, very well done. Welcome to the board, btw.

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Great for a first timer!!! I've had Illustrator for a couple of months and they arent that good yet.

If I could make one suggestion just to spice up your design and some character to it. Notice how the jaw protector of you gladiator's helmet is kinda in the shape of the state outline of California *hint hint*. Do something with that, it'll add a little bit of uniqueness (is that really a word ??? ) to your logo, let it stand out from anything else similar to it as wella s tie in Golden State to your Gladiator.

Merely a suggestion and keep up the good work!


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This looks like a good start for the Goodrich Martians in my project thread. They use a trojan type thing. Could you change this a bit for that? Their colors are Navy and Maize. The problem with their logo is that it's too human. If you rounded the nose down a bit, this might be an improvement. Also you could add a G on the helmet. Their current logo is on pg 1 of my thread. Kinda hard to see. They use the word Martians as their feather area on the helmet, but not sure I like that, so you can leave it off if you want. Hey, I would appreciate it, if you have the time and desire. They may want it and you could get something out of it.

edit:If you want, you could do one with maize and one in the current metakkic gold you have there.  Maybe they would be open to switch to the colors of the Irish.

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I was wondering how long it woudl take umlegend to stumble across this...lol... i like it I too am a Illustrator rookie and am slowly learning the ins and outs, so you are doing good... however your secondary seems too plan... its just really narrow maybe add a G or a GS or something... but thats just me
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