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Nfl alternates 2003


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I know we've yet to see the Dolphin's orange jerseys in action, but I was wondering how everyone feels about the NFL alternates this year.  I think (overall) they're better than last year's.

Setting aside the Chargers collegiate blues (for 3 reasons: they've already been highly debated, shown mutliple times and are not really alterantes but throwbacks), how would you rank this year's class?  Better?  Worse? I think thy're better than some of the really bad ideas that were thrown out last year.  

My favorites to date::

1.  Titan's "titan blue" jerseys (2003)

2.  Broncos "orange" jerseys (2002)

3.  Texan's "battle red" jerseys (2003)

4.  Jag's "black" pants (both years)

5.  Panther's "panther blue" (both years)

Honrable mention:

6.  Charger's "navy" jersey-pants combo (2003)

7.  Bengal's "black" jersey-pants combo  (2003)

8.  Brown's "orange" pants (this year.  send the orange jerseys back to $@ where they came from)

I did not list the Ram's "millinium blue" pants, since they had already been intoduced as part of thier official set; but man, they look very nice.

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I liked the Titans and Texans alternates...the Pats alternates will be interesting to see next Sunday night...I also liked the Broncos orange jerseys from last year...

The Jags black pants suck...

Chargers all-blue, Jags all-black, Bengals all-black, Falcons all-black and Bills all-blue ALL SUCK!

This is the NFL people, not Division III high school football. You'd think the league would regulate how well the teams dressed, cuz obviously, pro football players don't know how to dress themselves.

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Titan blue-okay

Broncos orange-not so good

Texans "Battle Red"-great

Jags' black pants- :angry:

Panthers' panther blue-best jersey in the NFL

My top 3...

Panthers' 3rd

Broncos' all-blue

Chargers' throwbacks

(H.M.) Lions' Honolulu blue pants with white jerseys before the recent uni changes.

My bottom 3...

Jags green-and-black

Bengals all-black

Saints gold jerseys


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orange (should be regular dark unis)


titan blue (hope they never use white pants. keep as alts.)


best bengals uniform ever! (hope they use black pants with

there black, white, and possibally orange jerseys full time)


battle red (would have been better with blue pants. keep as



all black was great. keep as alts.


panther blue with silver pants. (as much as everyone likes

these they should remain alts. because black is the real color

of teh panther. on the same note, the bengals should make

orange jerseys there regualr darks with black as the alt.)


orange pants are nice. orange jerseys are nice. just dont put

them together. (now but the "B" football logo on the helmet

and the dog head on the sleave without the "AL")

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The best alternate by far is the Panthers. In fact they should dump the black uniforms for the blue ones they look so good.

I also like the tItans light blue their navy unis are not bad but the light blues are better.

The worst ones have that have been worn so far has to be the Browns they burn the cornia, and the Browns wearing Orange is dumb even though they are named after a person and not the color. Brown has to be their dominant color.



For the best in sports history go to the Sports E-Cyclopedia at



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