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Philly MLS Concept


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I'll start by saying that soccer is not my thing. But I like this concept except...the 09 thing. Why are we trying to mimic the Euro/South American way of naming teams? I would also add 13 stars to the reddish circle around Independence Hall. And that is what I would call the team. The Philadelphia Independence. :flagusa:


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I love the concept and I agree with the suggestion to add 13 stars to the red ring in the logo. And although I do actually like this trendy new shift in giving teams more traditional names, I'm still not so sure how excited about the '09 I am. Something about it just doesn't sound right to me and 76 doesn't necessarily do it for me either. I don't know how opposed to re-thinking the name but I might see what else I could come up with if I were you. That's just one man's opinion though. All things considered though, I think you did a great job.

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