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AstroBowl IV Voting


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1st: Scrub Jays (Seriously better than the Blue Jays logo... and that's tough to beat! I would sooo buy a jersey with the word 'Scrubs' across it! BRILLIANT!)

2nd: Scots (Love the primary logo... Not a fan of the pattern, even if it is the Scots. Wicked idea with the belt!)

3rd: Tribe (Cleveland Indians have nothing on your concept!)


Why has nobody voted for the Scrub Jays and Scots up until now??

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Voting is now closed, any votes cast after this post WILL NOT be tallied.

I will count up the votes tomorrow morning and post results ASAP after that.

Thanks to all who entered the contest and to those who voted.

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The votes were tallied in a "5-3-1" system, with 5 votes for 1st place votes, 3 for 2nd , and 1 for 3rd.

The winner of AstroBowl IV is none other than the designer of the St. Lucie Oranges, miltonANDlumbergh. Below are the results:

1. Oranges - 44 points

2. Sailors - 31 points

3. (tie) Ringmasters and Scrub Jays - 21 points

5. Damselfish - 20 points

6. Parrots - 18 points

7. Tribe - 17 points

8. Suns - 16 points

9. Scots - 15 points

10. (tie) Aces and Skimmers - 12 points

12. Pomelos - 6 points

13. Fission - 1 point

any entry not on this list recieved no votes.

Thanks to all who entered and voted, I look forward to hosting AstroBowl V sometime in the future.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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