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This is a logo for a simulation baseball league i am starting up. Not experienced at designing logos, so any help is appreciated. On a side note, i can be PMed if there are any of oyur guys out there interested.



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Not too bad for starters. The "USBA" is too hard to read. That should be one of the first things on your hierarchy IMO. Try making it a different color so it doesn't get lost in the shield. As for the baseball player. He doesn't seem of mesh overall. Try using the shield like a window/door and have the player stepping out of it. I presume "USBA" stands for United States Baseball A..., you might try adding some stars. Maybe the number of stars could represent how many teams are in the league. Hope this helps you. Keep up the work.

(BTW I really liked your MLB signatures. A really nice sharp looking execution of a unique concept.)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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