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My fantasy hockey team on Yahoo.


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Being a Wolves fan I wanted to pay homage to my boys of the frozen pond. Yet I didn't want an emblem that copied their's. I found a howling wolf image and went from there, all the shapes in the fur are flames to represent Fire that Chicago suffered back in the 1800's. I threw together a quick idea for a wordmark, and the team colors scheme. C&C welcomed. Uniforms to follow.


LET'S GO HOWLERS!!! :hockeysmiley:

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Made some changes to the logo using the suggestion. I added red around the lip and in the mouth, also added the red eye. I moved the things aorund on the tip of the nose and I shrunk the crease lines beside the eye. The font for the wordmark is CCT treacherous I beleive. Again more C&C welcomed. :hockeysmiley:

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More changes made. I shrunk the nose, the black line under the ear, the whiskers under the nose, and the right hand tooth to make it even. New eyebrow, new curl in the grey fur under the mouth, and darken the line a bit on the front of the neck. C&C needed, thank you. :hockeysmiley:

the eye that is on the left at the bottom is an idea to add more black lines to it, so as to define the face better. I felt it made it more egyptian looking. What do you all think?

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I like the rink. Where can I get a rink template?

I found a sports field template page on the forum somewhere i don't remember who made them.

I liked it but I wanted to do a little more so I made one of my own. here's a link to the the image.My hockey rink template

You should submit that.

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