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Alaska College Hockey


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First off, in case you hadn't heard, the University of Alaska-Faribanks has announced that their sports teams will be know as just the "Alaska Nanooks starting this year (no Fairbanks anymore). Also, note the new unis, seen here...

Then there's the alt they wore this past weekend in the Governor's Cup games vs. Alaska-Anchorage.

There are two galleries online of these unis...

UAA, menawhile, also broke out a new alt/5th jersey for the Governor's Cup (note the white jersy in those galeries that say Alaska-Anchorage), as it sounds as if they will still have their golds, but also added silver alts for the Nie Frontier Classic... Reports I'm hearing are that those are not the normal home jerseys...


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I like the Nanook's, but I can't say the same for the Seawolves'. I liked the old ones much better...the St. Louis Blues temp. with the seawolf logo. I'm really digging the giant bear at the tunnel. That thing's sweet.

I like Alaska's new alts, but the material is awful. That shiny material looks awful on the ice.

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Can't say I liked the 'Nooks powder blues. Just didn't go with the whole package and you couldn't read the lettering on the front. I kind of like their new home/roads though.

I think the power blues (and the whites that UAA wore) are inspired by throwbacks from the '70s (even though UAA used a more contemporary number font). The jerseys will be auctioned off after the second half of the season series between the two teams.

As for the 'Wolves, it's tough to keep pace with their collection of jerseys. I didn't really like this year's silver set. I thought the ones from last year's Nye classic were much better ? in a kinda old school; kinda new sort of way. (http://www.goseawolves.com/sports/index.cfm?fuseAction=viewImage&image_id=4360) And the golds? Meh.

Their best are still the Blues template with the Seawolves logo, which might be the best in college hockey:

Green set: http://www.goseawolves.com/sports/index.cf...p;image_id=4905

Whites: http://www.goseawolves.com/sports/index.cf...p;image_id=3489

Still waiting to see if their standard sets (green/white) will change at all this season.

(Hey, I'd like to save you the click to see the shots, but I'm a Mac monkey and can't figure out how to add the image to body of the e-mail. Any tips would be appreciated.)

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They would look a lot better if they had either black on the jerseys and socks to match the helmet and pants, or just went all out with light blue helmets and pants. All light blue would look awful on the ice, but it would be cool at the same time.


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The baby blues are really nice - I like em!!!

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