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Mets concept redo


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I totally agree with the comment about the belt. Not only do they look bad it would be hard, but not impossible, to produce in real life. Is there an alternate in the works? A NY Mets uniform package without at least 1 alternate would be rare. Maybe you can have the different colored sleeves on them.

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Definitely remove the line under "Mets". I'd like to see a Mets concept taking major clues from old st.louis cardinals uniforms . . . all white (no pinstripes) with blue piping going down the sleeve and around the cuff of the sleve and around the neck and down the front of the uni where the buttons are . . the striping on those cards unis is thicker than what is currently used on piping. I think this would make a great traditional look for the team

Look forward to seeing it if you've got some time to put this together.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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