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Maz's NHL Redesign Part One


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For the first part of my series I present the Atlantic divison's top two teams...

My Pittsburgh Penguins


Decided to bring back stripes, use a different shoulder patch.

And the New Jersey Devils


*Sorry for leaving the trademark on the logo. Careless mistake.

Took a simple approach with stripes to sorta resemble devil's horns.

The three others are to come soon.


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Check the Devils Red and the Penguins Away crest. The colours may be off.

For some reason it does that. Dont know why.

Try to use Roger Clemente's numbers for your jersey. They will work a lot better!

Well since im using his template it should work. Thanks!

Well if it's based on standings I'm gonna be waiting a while...

I remember those days... :D

Next three coming shortly.


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Well, ive decided to skip the NY Rangers since I think their jerseys are already pretty good and its getting late.

So, to close out the Atlantic Division are the Flyers


Northeast division coming sometime Saturday afternoon.

Until then, good night.


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Wonderful job - they all look nice.

As a Devils fan, not liking it. Something missing, it just doesn't say "wow, what a nice looking jersey."

Philly jersey is great - nice work!!!

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Pens: I think this is a downgrade. Not enough triangluated stripes. Nice use of the vintage logo, though.

Devils: There's the triangle stripes! I don't know what to say. I don't like it but there's nothing standing out that's really troubling about it. Maybe add a few more stripes because it looks a little empty right now.

Isles: Best of the bunch. Maybe try to include some white into the alt somehow.

Flyers: Downgrade, I'm afraid. You've lost some of the best stripes in the league with this one. If you're not going to use their current template, then I would suggest some more modern striping. I can't see the Flyers ever having that old-school of a look.

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The only one I really like is the Islanders concept. The Flyers design is not bad. But, it needs more IMO. I liked the idea you have for the Penguins, but the design seems to empty. As for the Devils, the design just doesn't work for me.


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