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Navy logo redesign


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All I did here was crisp up Navy's current logo. I tried keeping the shape of the ram the same, because I love the way it flows. Once again, I'm still working in paint.

The logo on top is their current, and the one on the bottom is my version. Although I hope you would have gotten that.

C&C please


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I think maybe it could be cleaned up, but really don't think it's really needed that much. Your version looks like something from the '50's or '60's and that's not bad. It just has that feel, and the fact that you can give a logo a feel to it means you've got that special touch that a lot don't have. I'd love to see you what you could do with more modern logos and see if you could pull off a logo that has a 50's/60's feel to it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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