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Old D-Rays Fan Cap?

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why do you question that these are counterfeits? Fashion caps are made every year and can look like anything.

Yeah, take a stroll through a Wal-Mart or Sears clothing department and you'll see some of the worst hats and T-shirts you've ever seen.

Yeah, I knew the black one wasn't fake, just the obscene amounts of black bothered me a bit. It kinda grew on me, but at first it set off some "ugly" claxons.

The first one looked too truck-stop to be real. And the stuck-on logo just made it worse. IMO.

And as far as Wally-World with fakes, I have the best one yet that I'm going to post on a new thread later. Hopefully the pics focused more than I thought...but I saw some Middle Tennessee State University toboggins/knit caps/whatever they are called...with NHL "authentic" tags on them!

And what made it even better? Not only was it the old NHL logo (orange and slanted down), but even that was fake!

Beware the Walmart fake-monster. (Or were the Blue Raiders an expansion team in the NHL that folded due to the lockout? :rolleyes: )

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