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The Last of My NFL Baseball Concepts


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I did these awhile back and I figured, what the hell I'll just throw these out there for you guys to see them.






For anyone who's confused over reading this board and wondering where's the Cardinals uniforms..I ditched them. Hopefully next concepts will be a little better, but hey for a beginner i'm trying. Hope you like these.

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It looks like you just filled in areas with color, because the colors are off in many of these. The hat you used for Arizona is the A in Atlanta. As in, the Atlanta Hawks NBA team. That A has nothing to do with the NFL Cardinals.

You have two different shades of red going in the same Cardinals sets as well. The only red that should be different would be the red on the Arizona State Flag, which I'm pretty sure is different from the Cardinals' regular maroonish-red. Look at the outline around the home hat. It looks almost pink compared to the cap itself, which should be the same color as the red in the logo.

For the Dolphins, you have a weird sky blue color in there. The Dolphins are aqua and coral. Not light blue and orange. The only blue for the Dolphins is navy, which is used as a trim only, and the shadows of the Dolphin itself. Look at your square palette. You have 4 colors there. It should only be 3. And if you're doing a true throwback, only 2 colors are used.

All in all, there's nothing remarkable or horrible about these. They're clean, but formulaic...team script or logo and number is on all the fronts, and everyone has a vest.

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Cardinals: Besides from being the Atlanta Hawks "A", it doesn't fit in with the Cardinals current scheme very well. I would have used the team's A from the wordmark. Also, the cream doesn't work so well because the Cardinals...well...aren't that kind of team. Also, on the hat and in the logo, you should use the Cardinals' current, modernized Cardinal and use the 90's version only in your throwback. Also, use the Cardinals new maroonish-red for the jerseys and the lighter red for the throwback. C+

Dolphins: The home, away, and alternate are solid, except for the sun on the end of the wordmark for the alternate. However, the alternate needs work. First of all, the Dolphins never used that tone of sky blue. To repeat what was said by jpslapshot, Miami only uses dark blue for their trim. B

Jaguars: These are my favorite. The only problem is that the leaping Jaguar is too close to the Jaguar car company logo, so it is no longer in use. On the sleeves, I would replace it with the jaguar head. B+

Steelers: These are basic, but solid. I would replace the the yellow cap with a black cap with a yellow brim, as well as ditch the sleeveless look. B

Ravens: The home and away are very clean and simple. The alternate home is not appealing to me, but the Ravens themselves would probably have it. The alternate away is a combo of the two worst sports colors, in my opinion, and I think you should change it to a gray sleeveless jersey with purple sleeves. B-

The overall set is just a wordmark slapped onto a jersey, and sometimes that can look good but other times it can not. B-

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hey, it is the Durham Bulls, what was that movie again?

Bull Durham.

As for the concept, what's the deal with the sky blue in the Miami set (as jp said)? And the purple in the Broncos?

For the Jags, that J on the home really doesn't work. Nor the helmet logo. Or the car logo. And why is the back nameplate arched?

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