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From springfield....


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RobRobert's referring to the Simpsons episode where the Springfield team moved to Albuquerque and became the Isotopes.  Hence, the inspiration for the new (relocated) team in NM.

I'm familiar with the episode of the Simpsons.  I was just making sure that the true origins of the team were known.

If there's one thing I've learned from the internet is that for every informed person I've encountered there are two more people who score below my favourite pair of shoes in aptitude testing. :laugh:

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1. Yes, I was refering to the team being "relocated from Springfield" in the Simpsons.

Anyone who might not have "gotten" it, probably should have been left in the dark.

2.  Yes Chris, I knew it happened a long time ago.  I think I posted the new team name on here actually.

Anyway, I wasn't sure because I haven't seen any info on the team on the board, so when I saw the three hats, I decided to place a link.

3.  I know, I know, between this and the Orange Mets post, I'm glad I'm not a woman... If I was a woman, and I was late like I have been recently, I'd be afraid I might be pregnant.

OK, ok, that was bad...


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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