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Logo thievery

Ez Street

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1. Looks like a fantasy football league to me. They claim to be starting next year with 4 teams and have five on the home page????

2. Calgary Stampede

3. Those ripped off logos only look a little better than the others. I wonder why????

I think the league is ripped off :blink: .

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Relax guys, its probably just a semi-pro league.

That doesn't matter. It's still intellectual property theft.

What would change is the direction of any possible legal action.

If the team itself said "we want to use XXX logo, here's a picture, make a logo from it", then it's the team's fault almost exclusively.

If a vendor (sign shop, uniform supplier, etc) provided the artwork, giving the impression it was legal to use,, then that's who the law would go after.

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It is semi-pro.

The guy who "runs" the Topeka team has tried to get me to rework logos before.

He tried to start a basketball team called the Topeka RiverRats. He wanted me to change the logo for the old IFL RiverRats.

I didn't do it. I told him he should contact someone to design a logo. But he claimed his "lawyer" said if the team didn't exist, it's ok to use.

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