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NBA bracket


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Hey everyone. Just was curios what people think the NBA playoffs will look like. Now i forgot to add number of game or seeds, but that can be easily added. I assumed the top circle is the top team. Enjoy ,and if u want post ur thoughts.


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I guess it's a good idea, but from a design standpoint, this is just sloppy. The margins don't match. Look at the top circles and the bottom circles, and compare the distance from the border...way off. The conference logos just look awful when they are turned on their sides, i really don't see a reason for them to be that way. The way you have the conference finals logos set up, makes it look like the semifinals are the conference finals. Also, on my monitor, the Eastern Conference Finals bracket is at least .25" further from the center circle than the Western Conference Finals bracket.

I didn't go over this with a fine toothed comb, this is just stuff that jumped out at me at first glance. Sorry if I come off as sounding like a prick, but I figure you posted this for comments and critique.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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