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How much did patsox charge you for his graphic design seminar? <_<

Seriously, this is exactly what Brian said it is: a slap-dash concept. Good God, you didn't even remove the extra collar design. And you misspelled your own concept's name in the title of the thread; are you paying even a little attention? There are all kinds of superfluous lines and a general lack of cleanliness everywhere (the helmet stripe, the color squares, the missing piece of the Slug on the white helmet, the top of the navy helmet in profile), and this looks like it took all of 5 minutes to eyedropper and paint in. The gold facemask has all kinds of intersecting lines that ought not be there as well.

This does not pass muster. Not at all. There is so much sloppiness here that it's difficult to even comment on the concept itself.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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