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Scotland Men's National Soccer Team


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I started on this right after I finished my Algeria concept and have reached a conclusion.

This was the original thread for my first Scotland concept. Here I have refined and expanded it, and taken into account some of the feedback from the old thread.


The home kit is worn by team captain and Rangers midfielder Barry Ferguson and features a collar that draws on the Scottish flag. There is some minor gold trim on some of the edges of the white inserts.

David Weir, Rangers defender, models the away kit, white-on-white with inserts that feature the national tartan of Scotland. The design of this kit is thanks in large part to the feedback of rmered in my original Scotland concept thread (linked above).

Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher wears the third kit, a nod to the powder blue that has long been part of Scotland's kits. I tend to think this kit looks better with white shorts, but the modernized striping allows for the blue shorts to be compatible with the home kit as well, for clashes.

Finally, Scotland's number one goalkeeper is young, energetic captain of his Scottish club Hearts of Midlothian. Here, he dons the gold keeper kit that he has worn for Scotland for a few seasons already, with new trim.

NOTE: The 5-6-7 arrangement of the outfield players' numbers was totally unintentional, but turned out pretty cool.

C&C please.

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being of highland descent living down here in the flatland, i have to say i like those. in particular i think the st andrews cross from the collar is an excellent idea, very clever and nice and subtle. the only criticisms are:

scotland play in a very dark blue. not many nations have navy as their national colour and it is one of the things that separates them from the many blue kits of europe : france/ italy/ finland / iceland / andora and several away kits.

tartan never works in scotland kits. its awkward and feels anachronistic in todays clean cut minimal kit culture.

perhaps there could be a little more parity between the differnt unis. they seem to have different cuts and collars etc.

otherwise i really like these, plenty of good ideas. have you done any others bar algeria?

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Thanks guys.


I will change the blue this evening. I really like how rmered's idea in the original thread of tartan as trim worked out, and I don't think I'm up to changing it.

The difference in cuts you see is partly there, partly not. I changed the powder blue's collar to a round one, and the goalkeeper's collar is different as well. The blue and white are supposed to be the same cut, but the original player underneath the white one when I made the template was Rafael Marquez, who not only tucks in his shirt but also rolls up his sleeves, which makes his kit look rather different from his teammates (V. Valdes, Ronaldinho, and Puyol, in this case).

I have only done Scotland and Algeria so far, but I certainly would like to do many more.

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I love the plaid/tartan one. That is genius.

Maybe the red and yellow in the badge could be muted.

The blue and light blue ones are good, too, but not as amazing as the white.

Scotland playing in tartan makes sense. Just like when the Red Sox changed to red socks a few years ago.

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